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Fan Clubs

Simplify communication with fans and add members-only extras to your website

Give members access to restricted content, for a fee or for free

With Athletes Web Fan Clubs, you can selectively choose portions of any page and make them visible only to members of your fan club. This allows you to create and publish content as you normally would, but also add members-only extras that they will benefit from. This is a great way to give your fans little perks that they wouldn’t otherwise expect or know about. You can let non-members (or logged-out members) know that there’s hidden content on these pages, or you can simply add it and wait for your members to discover it. Either way, these little extras can go a long way in making your fans feel singled out and special.

Personalize the content you offer

Personalizing the content you offer to your members assures them that they matter to you. It also gives you a fantastic opportunity to deliver highly relevant information, offers, or education based on their interests or experience, as opposed to a broader selection that everyone can access. This kind of targeted experience can boost their feeling of belonging, and with it their willingness to continue on as a member.


There’s so much to think about when creating a attractive, practical, useful, relevant, elegant and contemporary website. We take it all into account so the end result is beautiful and functional. Here’s how.

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“When I decided to do a website for my foundation and company I was a little naive. Mike educated me on the process and kept me updated with the progress. When I saw the finished product I was blown away. It was everything I envisioned and more. Mike and Athletes Web Design have really helped enhance my brand.”

Marcus Lattimore


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