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Event Tickets and Registration

Your focus is on bringing people together. Event Tickets from Athletes Web will make sure they get there at the right time.

Take control of your event tickets and registration with Athletes Web

Athletes Web Event Tickets allows you to add as many tickets as you wish to a given event and sell those tickets entirely within your website. Each ticket has its own price, stock, SKU, and specified timeframe for when ticket sales open and close.

Easy to set up, easy to use

Take full control of the event ticketing process and customize it to suit your needs. Athletes Web Event Tickets keeps users on your site from start to finish. Configure custom attendee registration forms to collect information like t-shirt size or food preferences.

Purchased tickets are emailed directly to users, allowing them to easily print them out or pull them up on a mobile device for check-in. Admins can access attendee information on the backend and export the information to CSV as needed. When your event begins, you or your staff can mark guests as checked in manually or by scanning the QR code on their ticket.


Premium features

No third party websites, no extra ticket processing fees…just you, your attendees, and one great event. Our plugin extends your website, that means you can utilize all of our great features like custom attendee registration allows you to collect information from your attendees and included QR codes on tickets to expedite your event checkin process

  • Check Guests in at the Door

  • Customizable Ticket Template
  • Exportable Attendee Reports
  • Mobile-Ready Design

  • Ticket Sales

  • Customizable Registration Fields

  • QR Code Check In

  • Global Stock Management


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Athletes Web Design


“When I decided to do a website for my foundation and company I was a little naive. Mike educated me on the process and kept me updated with the progress. When I saw the finished product I was blown away. It was everything I envisioned and more. Mike and Athletes Web Design have really helped enhance my brand.”

Marcus Lattimore


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